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Hiring Employees for Potential Versus Past Experience

Hiring IT professionals is challenging in a normal job market. Recruiting the right talent is both time-consuming and costly. Studies show that as many as 46% will leave their new positions within 18 months. These are not normal times.

With the pandemic, companies are struggling to work through the “great resignation” are learning to evaluate candidates not solely on past experience, but also on future potential.

The key takeaways from this article are:

  • Plug and play hiring doesn’t always work
  • Employers need to consider “potential” vs. “experience” when hiring
  • Employers should also focus key interviewing questions, related to:
    • Learning and growing
    • Accepting feedback and coaching
    • Motivation
    • Openness to change and new experiences
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Cultural fit
    • Problem-solving

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