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What is "Collinwood"?

We are driven by values — to deliver and make true our promise of excellence at every turn.

Our company, Collinwood Technology Partners, is named after a middle-class neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. A culturally diverse area with deep working-class roots and strong family bonds, Collinwood was first settled and established in 1812. In the late 1800s, it was the site for lakefront vineyards with grapes used in wine production. By the 1870s, Collinwood became the largest shipping point in the nation for grapes. In the 1890s, however, the main economic activity was quickly replaced by railroads. By 1890 Collinwood was a major switching point of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern (now CSX) Railroad.

Collinwood was annexed to Cleveland on January 21, 1910. The neighborhood became home to large Irish, Italian, and Slovenian populations. Five Points–the intersection of E. 152nd St. and St. Clair and Ivanhoe avenues–became the neighborhood’s commercial hub.

During World War II, Collinwood was one of the heaviest industrial areas in the world. In addition to the New York Central yards, within its boundaries was Fisher Body Division of General Motors Corp., Thompson Prods. (TRW, INC.), General Electric Co., Lincoln Electric Co., and a dozen other well-respected firms.

A strong symbol of cultural diversity and strong work ethics, Collinwood represents all that is true and professional about our company. We are passionate about everything we do. From that first point of contact to meticulously browsing through our network of IT professionals for the right candidate, leading up to welcoming your new team member on board. We are with you every step of the way. And we continue to provide unending support, ensuring satisfaction and commitment at every turn.