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5 Hot Resume Tips

Here is an article from CNBC that contains 5 hot tips for creating the ideal resume! We believe all of these are good considerations and hope this helps some of our candidates looking for their ideal position.

The 5 tips include:

  • Remote Collaboration (Zoom, MS Teams, Slack, Trello) – We all do this!
  • Critical Thinking (problems solved, lesson learned)
  • Digital Literacy (don’t overlook the basics- Excel, GoogleDocs, Social Media)
  • Data Analysis (mention a time where you used data to solve a problem or come to a decision)
  • Skills Mapping (that’s what I call it 😀…take their job description and craft your resume to the role. Don’t LIE…but definitely mention the skills/accomplishments that would relate to the position you are seeking. Don’t be afraid to have a few different versions of your resume that are fine-tuned to different company’s needs)

Once you’ve modified your resume, check out our Open Positions and apply for your ideal position!